Sustainable Project Management: The GPM Reference Guide 2nd Edition

GPM Global is delighted to announce the publishing of the Second Edition of the Sustainable Project Management: The GPM Reference Guide.  The guide is 156 pages and is available on Amazon in both paperback and electronic Kindle formats.

Sustainable project management is a rapidly growing discipline. With changing expectations of consumers and investors and the emergence of the millennial generations, organizations are actively incorporating socially responsible and environmentally friendly practices into their operating model. The discipline of project management is also under intense need to not only deliver but to do so in a way that does not create undue impacts on society or the environment.

This guide was written by an international team of thought leaders in sustainable project management, including:

This book unpacks the theory and provides a practical approach to ensure that not only are projects are managed sustainably, but the products that the project deliver are also sustainable. Through the detailed PRiSM methodology, this book provides practical steps for project managers to assess and minimize the impact on the planet, on society and create prosperity for all.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why sustainable project management is essential for modern organizations and why it is the new normal
  • The underpinning principles of sustainable project management
  • How project managers can be professional and ethical and in doing so be sustainable
  • How the PRiSM methodology can be used to assess and minimize project impacts
  • The critical roles that governance, benefits, value and organizational change play in ensuring projects are sustainable

Packed with simple and easy to apply concepts, this groundbreaking book from the lead pioneers in sustainable projects is essential reading for project sponsors, project managers in any industry, students of project management and as a textbook for academic purposes.

For the Kindle version, please refer to your local Amazon Kindle website (we suggest searching for the ASIN number B07B8P2VZR). For the Paperback version please refer to your local Amazon Bookstore website (we suggest searching for the ISBN number 0578196883).

With the Kindle version(s) you can view it online or download the Kindle Application for your computer / mobile / tablet at:

Or by clicking this button!

Peter Milsom

Peter Milsom is an entrepreneurial advocate for sensible, sustainable change delivery practice. Peter has come to realize that sustainability is the perfect catalyst for Project / Programme / Portfolio / Risk / Value / Business Case and Benefits Management improvement. As an entrepreneurial methodologist Peter's unique value proposition is the vast array of tools and techniques that he brings to every engagement using the most cost effective and efficient methods based on the situation and tailored to meet your needs. This is based on his unique combination of experience and extensive training / certifications in change delivery, value / risk / benefits management business case, and business architecture.

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