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Overcoming Obstacles in Renewable Energy Projects: A Project Manager’s Perspective with Agrivoltaic

Guest post by Tom Capillon, MEng, Guilhem Perez, MEng, Valérie M. Saintot, PhD In the 21st century, we face interconnected global challenges such as population growth, urbanization, resource depletion, and climate change, urgently calling for sustainable energy solutions. Innovation is key in navigating these complexities, yet opinions vary on the right approach. Among the areas […]

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Beyond Algorithms: The Human Factor in AI-Driven Sustainability

In an era where generative AI is revolutionizing industries, the promise of leveraging such technology for sustainability is tantalizing. The IBM Institute for Business Value’s guide, “The CEO’s guide to generative AI Sustainability,” underscores the potential of AI to scale sustainability efforts, offering CEOs a beacon of hope in the daunting quest for responsible growth. […]

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