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Balancing Value: From Friedman’s Metrics to Purpose-Driven Impact

I am often asked about the most significant challenge GPM faces when explaining the value of sustainable project management. This question frequently comes from CFOs who have yet to embrace the benefits of sustainable practices beyond mere compliance with regulatory or stakeholder demands. In this post, I aim at a favorite antagonist from a bygone […]

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The GPM P5 Standard Makes International Development Projects Sustainable

International development projects (ID) aim to improve people’s lives in developing countries. However, these projects often need more resources, complex stakeholder networks, and high levels of uncertainty. Effective project management is critical to overcoming these obstacles, and the P5 standard can be a valuable tool for organizations managing international development projects. The P5 standard offers […]

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Ethics and Decision Making as a Foundation for Sustainable Project Management Practice

Ethics is paramount to sustainability. It is the underlying theme that ties everything together. This is why our 2nd Principle for Sustainable Project Management is Ethics One of these principles is “Ethics & Decision Making,” which involves supporting organizational ethics and decision-making with respect for universal principles. Project managers must identify, mitigate, and prevent adverse […]

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The Relationship Between Project Activities, ESG Disclosures, and Sustainability Reports

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures and materiality reporting have become increasingly important topics in the business world. In recent years, investors and stakeholders have been placing greater emphasis on organizations’ impact on the environment, society, and corporate governance. As a result, ESG disclosures and materiality reporting have become essential for organizations that want to […]

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Where ESG and Sustainability Dovetail

GPM has been working with global organizations for 13 years to help them achieve and implement sustainability goals and practices. In the past few years, we have seen Environment, Social, and Governance, or ESG, enter the lexicon and transform the narrative around an organization’s risk profile and relationship with the environment. Make no mistake, ESG […]

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