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Upward Engagement: A Critical Competence When Things Get Stuck

Navigating the labyrinth structures of the corporate world can often be a daunting task. Hierarchical systems, while necessary, can sometimes restrict swift and efficient problem-solving. To conquer these challenges, a specific skill set is required, one of the most important being ‘managing up.’ This post will delve into this vital competency and provide a guide […]

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Economic Prosperity The 6th Sustainable Project Management Principle

In this final post on our Six Sustainable Project Management principles, we’ll look closely at some organizations that exemplify Economic Prosperity in their project management and explore how they achieve it. First, let’s set the context! Adhering to fiscal strategies, objectives, and targets that balance the needs of stakeholders, including immediate needs and those of […]

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Principles & Values-Based: Conserving and Enhancing Natural Resources through Sustainable Project Management

Principles & Values-Based: Conserving and Enhancing Natural Resources through Sustainable Project Management In an era of environmental degradation and climate change, many individuals and organizations are looking for ways to contribute to conserving and regenerating our planet’s natural resources. For project managers, embracing sustainable practices is crucial in achieving this goal. Continuing on the deep […]

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Ethics and Decision Making as a Foundation for Sustainable Project Management Practice

Ethics is paramount to sustainability. It is the underlying theme that ties everything together. This is why our 2nd Principle for Sustainable Project Management is Ethics One of these principles is “Ethics & Decision Making,” which involves supporting organizational ethics and decision-making with respect for universal principles. Project managers must identify, mitigate, and prevent adverse […]

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The Essential Role of Commitment and Accountability in Project Management

As project managers, it’s not just our responsibility to ensure things run smoothly and finish on time. It’s also our responsibility to ensure that our projects are conducted in a way that recognizes the essential rights of all to healthy, clean, and safe environments, equal opportunity, fair remuneration, ethical procurement, and adherence to the rule […]

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Disposable Plastic Straws… What can we do?

I went out recently with some friends and had a curious experience. And of all things it was around disposable plastic straws. What caught my attention was that each place we went to did not offer straws. More importantly though the establishments were proud and adamant about their no-straw policy. It opened up some interesting […]

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