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The Essential Role of Commitment and Accountability in Project Management

As project managers, it’s not just our responsibility to ensure things run smoothly and finish on time. It’s also our responsibility to ensure that our projects are conducted in a way that recognizes the essential rights of all to healthy, clean, and safe environments, equal opportunity, fair remuneration, ethical procurement, and adherence to the rule […]

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Disposable Plastic Straws… What can we do?

I went out recently with some friends and had a curious experience. And of all things it was around disposable plastic straws. What caught my attention was that each place we went to did not offer straws. More importantly though the establishments were proud and adamant about their no-straw policy. It opened up some interesting […]

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The Advantages of Constructive Conflict in Projects

“The absence of conflict is not harmony, it’s apathy” (Eisenhardt) “God does not play dice” (Einstein)… would God be so cruel to structure so much conflict if it could not be constructive (Tjosvold)? I come from a Canadian middle class family with a British lineage. At a young age we were taught to be quiet […]

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We Have Redoubled Our Commitment to the Paris Agreement (and we are not alone).

GPM is a U.S. based organization with operations all over the world.  Our prime objective is to advance sustainable development advocating a greater attention and focus on value creation in the project management profession. When an event occurs that threatens our ability to, we speak out.  As a signatory to the UN’s Caring for Climate […]

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Are you breaching the Code of Ethics by not being sustainable?

At a recent presentation to a group of project managers in Australia I spoke about sustainable projects and sustainable project management. During the presentation I put forward the argument that if project management is to be considered a profession, then we collectively need to operate to a higher set of ethical standards. So what is […]

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