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Ethical Leadership is Core for Sustainable Business

Ethical leadership as it relates to sustainability is not just a trend but a fundamental shift in how organizations are directed and managed. It demands a leadership style that is not only grounded in traditional business acumen but is also deeply rooted in integrity, honesty, and a commitment to ethical practices. This approach involves making […]

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Beyond Algorithms: The Human Factor in AI-Driven Sustainability

In an era where generative AI is revolutionizing industries, the promise of leveraging such technology for sustainability is tantalizing. The IBM Institute for Business Value’s guide, “The CEO’s guide to generative AI Sustainability,” underscores the potential of AI to scale sustainability efforts, offering CEOs a beacon of hope in the daunting quest for responsible growth. […]

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The Invisible Challenge: Psychological Barriers to Sustainability in Business

In today’s business landscape, the quest for environmental sustainability often finds itself at odds with traditional business models and practices. The psychological barriers that prevent individuals from understanding and embracing sustainability are magnified in the corporate world, creating a significant yet less obvious challenge. Reconciling Profit and Planet The primary struggle for businesses lies in […]

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Upward Engagement: A Critical Competence When Things Get Stuck

Navigating the labyrinth structures of the corporate world can often be a daunting task. Hierarchical systems, while necessary, can sometimes restrict swift and efficient problem-solving. To conquer these challenges, a specific skill set is required, one of the most important being ‘managing up.’ This post will delve into this vital competency and provide a guide […]

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Economic Prosperity The 6th Sustainable Project Management Principle

In this final post on our Six Sustainable Project Management principles, we’ll look closely at some organizations that exemplify Economic Prosperity in their project management and explore how they achieve it. First, let’s set the context! Adhering to fiscal strategies, objectives, and targets that balance the needs of stakeholders, including immediate needs and those of […]

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The importance of Developing a Strong Environmental Quotient (EQ) for Project Managers

Environmental Quotient (EQ) measures an individual’s or organization’s environmental awareness, responsibility, and impact. It considers energy consumption, water usage, waste generation, and carbon footprint. It also evaluates how an individual or organization acts sustainably and reduces its negative environmental impact. As leaders in project management, we must recognize the importance of Environmental Quotient (EQ) and […]

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