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Balancing Value: From Friedman’s Metrics to Purpose-Driven Impact

I am often asked about the most significant challenge GPM faces when explaining the value of sustainable project management. This question frequently comes from CFOs who have yet to embrace the benefits of sustainable practices beyond mere compliance with regulatory or stakeholder demands. In this post, I aim at a favorite antagonist from a bygone […]

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Beyond Algorithms: The Human Factor in AI-Driven Sustainability

In an era where generative AI is revolutionizing industries, the promise of leveraging such technology for sustainability is tantalizing. The IBM Institute for Business Value’s guide, “The CEO’s guide to generative AI Sustainability,” underscores the potential of AI to scale sustainability efforts, offering CEOs a beacon of hope in the daunting quest for responsible growth. […]

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Cutting Through the Noise: What is Sustainable Project Management

There Is a Lot of Noise Out There.  Let’s Clear the Air. In an age where information spreads at the speed of light and sustainable project management is rapidly gaining popularity, clarity becomes our most valued ally. With this burgeoning interest comes the responsibility to articulate its principles clearly and accurately, lest we fall into […]

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Breaking down the P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management: Employment and Staffing

The GPM P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management is a valuable resource for project managers and organizations. The P5 Standard focuses on understanding and managing the potential impacts of your project on the environment, society, and economy. Although its practices are clear and straightforward, we often receive requests for additional context. Therefore, we’re launching […]

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What is Edge Effect Abundance and why are Projects Critical to their Proliferation?

What is Edge Effect Abundance and how are projects related? During my recent camping trip in Michigan, I had the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature firsthand. However, I couldn’t ignore the hazardous air quality caused by the Canadian forest fires. This reminded me of the pressing need to transition to regenerative practices to […]

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