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Regenerative Leadership in Project Management: Essential for 2024 and Beyond

Regenerative Leadership in Project Management: Essential for 2024 and Beyond In an age where buzzwords like “Transformational Leadership”, “Servant Leadership”, and “Agile Management” dominate boardrooms and workshops, one might ask: “What about Regenerative Leadership?” Over the past year, I’ve attended several conferences where a resonating sentiment was the shift from ‘project management’ to ‘project leadership’. […]

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What Project Managers Need to Know About Planetary Boundaries and Biodiversity Regeneration

As project managers, it’s essential to understand the broader context of our projects—including the environment and its associated ecosystems. You may have heard of planetary boundaries, nine specific thresholds that must not be crossed for humanity to continue on a safe trajectory. Of those nine boundaries, biodiversity regeneration is one of the most critical. Let’s […]

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Breaking down the P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management: Employment and Staffing

The GPM P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management is a valuable resource for project managers and organizations. The P5 Standard focuses on understanding and managing the potential impacts of your project on the environment, society, and economy. Although its practices are clear and straightforward, we often receive requests for additional context. Therefore, we’re launching […]

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The Local Economic Impact of Projects as a Core Component of Sustainable Project Management

The decision of where to develop a project can significantly impact the local economy. Considering the local economic impacts before initiating any development project is essential since it can have far-reaching consequences. The prosperity category of the GPM P5 Standard focuses on maximizing positive returns for as many stakeholders as possible. Therefore, it is critical […]

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