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Sustainable Project Management and the Three Horizons Concept: Looking at projects from different perspectives.

In the rapidly changing business ecosystem, organizations, now more than ever, are integrating sustainability into their strategic visions for long-term success. Among the tools helping businesses forecast and shape their futures is the “Three Horizons” concept. This model, coupled with GPM Global’s P5 Standard, offers a potent framework for selecting projects and aligning them with […]

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The Local Economic Impact of Projects as a Core Component of Sustainable Project Management

The decision of where to develop a project can significantly impact the local economy. Considering the local economic impacts before initiating any development project is essential since it can have far-reaching consequences. The prosperity category of the GPM P5 Standard focuses on maximizing positive returns for as many stakeholders as possible. Therefore, it is critical […]

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Ethics and Decision Making as a Foundation for Sustainable Project Management Practice

Ethics is paramount to sustainability. It is the underlying theme that ties everything together. This is why our 2nd Principle for Sustainable Project Management is Ethics One of these principles is “Ethics & Decision Making,” which involves supporting organizational ethics and decision-making with respect for universal principles. Project managers must identify, mitigate, and prevent adverse […]

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The Relationship Between Project Activities, ESG Disclosures, and Sustainability Reports

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures and materiality reporting have become increasingly important topics in the business world. In recent years, investors and stakeholders have been placing greater emphasis on organizations’ impact on the environment, society, and corporate governance. As a result, ESG disclosures and materiality reporting have become essential for organizations that want to […]

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COVID-19 Sustainable Lessons 03: Three Keys to Project Work During the Outbreak

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak is not the first world war, nor the great depression nor the second world war. For those with an awareness of history, we know that those events were horrific and challenging times that we got through and fortunately came out stronger on the other side. The worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and […]

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Characteristics of a Sustainable Project Manager (3 of 9) “Change Agent”

This third installment of Characteristics of a Sustainable Project Manager focuses on the “Change Agent.” Peter Drucker is famous for many quotes, none more so than “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” Characteristic #3: Change Agent — challenges business-as-usual mindset, embraces change, seizes opportunities, develops […]

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