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Cutting Through the Noise: What is Sustainable Project Management

There Is a Lot of Noise Out There.  Let’s Clear the Air. In an age where information spreads at the speed of light and sustainable project management is rapidly gaining popularity, clarity becomes our most valued ally. With this burgeoning interest comes the responsibility to articulate its principles clearly and accurately, lest we fall into […]

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The Underrated Heartbeat of Project Management: Humanity Over Algorithms

In the frenzied quest for technological advancement, we are often dazzled by the latest tools and AI solutions that promise to revolutionize industries. The profession of project management is no exception. Every blog, webinar, and workshop focuses on the new era of automation and AI-driven decision-making. But have we forgotten the heartbeat of every project? […]

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Human Sustainability: Our Focus is all Wrong.

Over the past 40 years, a slew of treatises, accords, charters, and goals have emerged, spotlighting crucial global challenges. People genuinely want to help, some just want to be seen as wanting to help, but that is a topic for another article… We gather at CoP meetings, climate weeks, and various awareness days, among other […]

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Using Non-Financial Criteria for Project Portfolio Prioritization

Using Non-Financial Criteria for Project Portfolio Prioritization In business and project management, financial criteria such as return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), and payback period have traditionally been the primary metrics for evaluating and prioritizing projects. However, relying solely on financial metrics can be limiting and may not capture the full scope of […]

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Upward Engagement: A Critical Competence When Things Get Stuck

Navigating the labyrinth structures of the corporate world can often be a daunting task. Hierarchical systems, while necessary, can sometimes restrict swift and efficient problem-solving. To conquer these challenges, a specific skill set is required, one of the most important being ‘managing up.’ This post will delve into this vital competency and provide a guide […]

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Regenerative Leadership in Project Management: Essential for 2024 and Beyond

Regenerative Leadership in Project Management: Essential for 2024 and Beyond In an age where buzzwords like “Transformational Leadership”, “Servant Leadership”, and “Agile Management” dominate boardrooms and workshops, one might ask: “What about Regenerative Leadership?” Over the past year, I’ve attended several conferences where a resonating sentiment was the shift from ‘project management’ to ‘project leadership’. […]

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