From Utopia to Reality: Project Management’s Origins in Literature to Our Mandate

As a student of project management, it’s fascinating to explore the earliest discussions of projects and their societal impacts. Understanding the origins of project management provides some insights into how early thinkers conceptualized organized tasks for the benefit of society. This post shares the foundational ideas that have influenced modern practices, showcasing the evolution of […]

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Where should sustainability fit within the realm of projects, new products and service delivery? 

Truthfully, it should be near the top. But sustainability encompasses so many facets, and knowing where and how to start can be challenging. Historically, in the corporate world, sustainability is a word that has often been used to describe business programs, products, and practices related to environmental and social considerations. Until recently, sustainability was viewed […]

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Materiality of Projects in Non-financial Reporting

Are Projects Material to Non-Financial Reporting?

The Rise of Sustainability (Non-Financial) Reporting I am often asked what I do for a living.  When I explain that I work in sustainability I usually get an “oh, ok.” followed by a “what does that mean?”  Therein lies the challenge.  Sustainability is a broad topic.  For us at GPM, we address global environmental, economic, and […]

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